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Jenny Ann’s awareness of the world of Spirit was evident from her early childhood. Her Romany and Masonic family connections have all helped her understand much of her spiritual pathway and jennyann-frontpagemany of her life’s experiences that she has encountered, which have eventually brought her to work as a Clairvoyant Medium.

As a working Medium, Jenny Ann travels to spiritual venues across the UK, serving many Spiritual Churches and Awareness Centres where her workshops are often held.

Using both her commercial and spiritual training, her teaching is designed to help you on your spiritual path of personal awareness and development. Her courses, workshops and circles enable you to enhance your own spiritual gifts and to move you forward on your chosen pathway.

Based in Yin Yang in Glastonbury for readings/sittings, Jenny Ann as a Spiritual Healer, Melody Crystal Practitioner and Reiki Master will often combine healing with readings in her sessions.

Jenny Ann has a passion for sharing her gift with others. She enjoys helping others connect with their own psychic and mediumistic abilities. Jenny Ann conducts her readings with an open heart and is able to intuitively and compassionately connect with Spirit in her sessions. Due to the love energy, in which Jenny Ann is centred at all times during her readings, there is no need to feel fear or apprehension. All communication, with Spirit and with her clients, is guided with the utmost respect, compassion and love.

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Over the years Jenny Ann has worked as a psychic artist, her artwork not only portraying Spirit Guides but also symbolising many of the characteristics of clients, their energies, past lives & messages from the Spirit World. A selection of her artwork, which is often used in private readings can be viewed in the ‘GALLERY’.