Meet Jenny Ann

In her work as a clairvoyant medium, Jenny Ann serves many Spiritual Churches and Awareness Centres around the country. She has also appeared on “Your Destiny TV”. Her desire is always to work with laughter, love, compassion and healing. Life has taught us all many lessons but Jenny Ann’s life’s journey has enabled her to use her own experiences in a unique way. The guidance she offers both through her clairvoyance and artwork is inspired directly by Spirit. jenny-ann

As a natural teacher Jenny Ann wishes to share and help all those who are interested in becoming more spiritually aware. Her “Enlightenment” and awareness workshops/ courses are available at various locations around the South West and in South Wales. Please consult the calendar for upcoming events.

As a Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master and Crystal Healer, Jenny Ann is able to offer healing as part of private reading sessions.